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The Archives Ledger

The Winter Archives Ledger


The Archives Ledger is the quarterly newsletter published by Friends of the Yolo County Archives.

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The Winter Edition includes:

  • The Court House Baseball Team Mystery (Rachel Poutasse)

  • Archives Update: Digitization Projects Are Underway (Rachel Poutasse)

  • Farewell to Our Museum Curator

  • A Future Archivist and History Lover Arrives

  • Doing Research at the Archives (Shirley DicKard)

  • Processing the Betsy Marchand Papers (Nathaniel Guttenberg)

  • Lest We Forget Exhibition at Gallery 625 (Mel Russell)

  • A Women’s History Month Event Is Coming in March

FYCA's End of Year Campaign

FYCA invites everyone to support the work preserving Yolo County's rich past.

Rachel Poutasse working at the Archives.

During 2022, the Friends funded two extra-help staff to begin digitizing multiple collections, including the Yolo Historical Museum Photo Collection and property indexes. To date, extra-help staff has digitized 1,260 photos and 45 property indexes. In addition to improving community access to archival materials, digitization of these collections has helped expedite research requests as the Archives returns to pre-pandemic levels of activity. In the coming year, we are excited to expand this digitization work to additional collections, such as yearbooks, maps, school records, marriage records, and more.

Anastasia Panagakos, Board President

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Behind The Scenes

Isabel Araujo introduces the many Archives staff and volunteers who work "Behind The Scenes."

A New Archives Web Page

A New Archives Web Page

A new Archives web page with many resource links!


The New Archives Online Database

Yolo County Collections


The Yolo County Collections Database contains digital reproductions of and information about the historic records and objects from the Yolo County Archives and the Yolo County Historical Collection.

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The two collections can be searched simultaneously, or independently. There are already thousands of digitized photographs available to view and new digital content will be added over time.

Yolo County Archives

The Archives

The Yolo County Archives is the official repository for the historical records of Yolo County. It houses collections from private donors and organizations that reflect the County's history from 1850.



The Yolo County Historical Collection is comprised of 11,000 objects which date from the 1830s to the 1930s. Iulia Bodeanu is Yolo County’s first Museum Curator and works under the Yolo County Library.


Archives Report

  • Outreach and Community

  • Collections and Research

  • Axiell Database News

  • Yolo Historical Collection

  • and much more. . .



Yolo County Archives

The Hours

The Yolo County Archives is open by appointment on Tuesday from 9 AM to 1 PM and on Thursday from 12 PM to 4 PM. Call 530-666-8010 to set up an appointment.


The Location

The Yolo County Archives is located in the Shipley Walters Center for Yolo County Archives and Library Services at 226 Buckeye Street in Woodland.


The A Team

Women make history and they preserve it too! Thanks to Marta Knight, Heather Lanctot, Iulia Bodeanu, and Ruby Buentello for all of their work in preserving Yolo County's rich history!


Friends of the Yolo County Archives

About FYCA

Friends of the Yolo County Archives (FYCA) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation whose purpose is to support the services, staff, and facilities of the Yolo County Archives.





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