Building the Collection

Do You Have Historical Documents, Letters, Pictures... Relating to Yolo County?

Information from Heather Lanctot, Archives & Records Center Coordinator, & Rachael Nelson, Leader of DIY History Project

The Yolo County Archives appreciates and encourages donations of historic documents and pictures from community members. In addition to the vast sweep of information that shows up in newspapers and public records, there is also a wealth of information in the possession of families, in the form of documents and memories from their living members. Some families have diaries and letters that record parts of their histories. Others may have family histories or biographies written by one of the family members. Almost all families have photographs, some of which may show their houses, the countryside, farm buildings, cars, workplaces, stores, schools, public buildings, streets, etc. These images can be helpful in recording our shared history in Yolo County, especially if the pictures are well-described.

In addition, our history has also been shaped by the diverse ethnic and racial groups that have settled the county. As a result, the Archives and its patrons are also interested in information that documents these waves of migration, from specific regions of the United States or other countries around the world.

If you have any photographs, documents, letters or other artifacts about Yolo County people, places and events, you may be able to donate them, or copies of them, to the Archives. To make an appointment to discuss your donation with Archives staff, call: (530) 666-8010, or email: APPOINTMENTS are necessary to assess the material for its usefulness to, or appropriateness for, the Archives collection.