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Grand jury: Decaying archives jeopardize Yolo County history

By Special to The Enterprise

Yolo County’s historical records are decaying and disintegrating in an inadequately temperature- and humidity-controlled building in northwest Woodland, according to a Yolo County grand jury report released Wednesday.

The grand jury recommended that the Board of Supervisors approve funding this fiscal year for a large-scale modern scanner and digital asset management system that would allow documents to be digitized and stored online where they would be safe from further environmental damage, including fire and flooding, and easier for the public to search, view and copy.

. . . “The Archives and Records Center is a county treasure,” said Judy Wohlfrom, foreperson of the 2017-18 Yolo County grand jury. “Our investigation found significant problems that should be addressed to ensure this irreplaceable resource remains available for future generations.”

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FYCA Board President Anastasia Panagakos Responds

"The Friends of the Yolo County Archives (FYCA) is a local all voluntary non-profit organization whose members share the Grand Jury and the Davis Enterprise’s passion for our local history. Our primary mission is to support the Yolo County Archives and promote the preservation and access to local history. As the President of FYCA I would like to provide some clarification to the recent article entitled 'Grand Jury: Decaying archives jeopardize Yolo County history.' "

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Yolo County Supervisors and Library Respond

"The following is the response to the findings and recommendations in the 2017-2018 Yolo County Grand Jury Report titled, 'Improving the Yolo County Libraries and Archives' from the Yolo County Board of Supervisors and Library. "

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